Watch the Skies! – New Sundance Helicopter Design

In honor of the Sundance Festival

Recently, we at Heli-Parts Nevada were tasked with applying their new paint job to the first of their A Star fleet helicopters. Ultimately, We decided to do what we call the "Sundance Orange" on the Helicopter.

We expect to be doing the rest of the fleet like this. However, we are waiting on more information before saying anything firm on the matter. What we do know, is we'd love to see a fleet of these flying through the festival. For example, a wave of orange bringing an army of excited groups of people to directly to the festival grounds.

What with the recent talks of Uber working with Airbus to start flying people in, I can speculate that this helicopter could be one of many. I personally hope that this one will be  bringing people right to the festival as well. We'll update as we know more, but for now one can hope.

How do you feel about the design? Feel free to leave your honest feedback below.

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